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and thrive. the amount of debt we're adding at a trillion a year is simply not moral. >> jon: not moral! (laughter) that means for mitt romney this terrible debt is worse than of fept. (laughter) >> jon? >> yes, mormon god. >> not cool, bro. (laughter) >> jon: shouldn't you be on broadway? (cheers and applause) >> no, no! >> jon: little joke there. but all right we have been irresponsible with government spending. romney, bring the tough love. what are we going to lose? >> i don't want any change to medicare for current seniors or for those that are nearing retirement. no change in social security for those that are in retirement or near retirement. >> jon: all right, so it's immoral debt but hands off the core entitlements! they've literally been grandfathered in-- grandmothered. (laughter) probably the more peripheral entitlements got to go. >> i'm going to make sure we have the kind of training programs that give people the skills they need for the jobs of today. >> jon: okay, so hands off chinese language instruction programs. (laughter) i guess the cuts are going to come from big s
the bat. >> jon: who are you and what have you done with crazy joe biden? you're going to reach in your pants and out [bleep]. not only was biden not his lovable gaffe-tasti tic tour he must have uppedded his prescription because h was fact-checking this debate in realtime. >> 7.4 million seniors are projected to lose the current medicare advantage coverage they have. that's a $3200 benefit cut. what we're saying... >> more people signed up it's a plan i put together with a prominent democrat senator >> there's not one democrat who endorses it >> we put it together with former clinton budget director >> who disavows you can cut taxes by 20% and still... >> not mathematically possible. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: he was just throwing them all out there. sorry, paul. numberwise you've got your head up your ass. sorry, paul, one plus one equals bull [bleep]. i have an idea. who has eddie munster's air cut for brains? it's this guy. one of the great pleasures of thursday night was watching how many different ways biden implied paul ryan was lying outactually saying the word "lie." >> no
, alex. martha: come back soon. "happening now" starts right now. jon: brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: the second faceoff for the presidential candidates now just hours away with a far different format from last time around. how hall may change the race for the white house. we're live in new york with the very latest on that. a stunning new development in the fallout from the terror attack in benghazi. why secretary of state hillary clinton says she, and not the white house, is to blame. a young girl in pakistan shot in the head by the taliban because she wanted to go to school. she is now out of that country and in a british hospital but concerns for her safety are far from over. we'll tell you why, it is all "happening now." jenna: election day three weeks away. jon: hard to believe. it is a tuesday, three weeks from now. jenna: tonight's showdown between the president and governor romney may make-or-break this very tight race for both men. we saw what happened after the first debate. will it rebeat. i'm jenna lee. jon: oomph jon scott. hours away for number two between
meant play by jon jay with the backhand right on the ground. blanco had gone around second base. now allen craig and everybody on the card infield are saying that he is out of the baseline, and now first base umpire, miller, will get help from gibson. >> meanwhile craig is saying he tagged him, and looked like he got him on the back. >> tim: he did. >> joe: we will get a conference now with the umpires. and he got him on the back. >> tim: he clearly did. >> joe: it should be a double play. miller had a great view of it, but didn't see it. and if somebody else saw something different, then they will call him out. if not, it will be one on, one out. and nobody saw it. >> tim: of course, that is not reviewable. mike matheny arguing, but bill miller -- i beg your pardon, gibson, second base umpire, would have had the best shot at it but he was out in center field making sure that jon jay made the catch, which he did. >> joe: and matheny is still letting bill miller hear it. take a look at the positioning of the umpires. greg gibson, the second base umpire. he stays put. he's right there.
. always a pleasure. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. new this morning, silicon valley is once again buzzing as the most valuable company gets ready to make another announcement. this news coming into the newsroom two hours ago. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew have ts the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the iphone 5 was announced last month. the distant past. the last time you paid the mortgage, it has been that long. apple sending out an invitation saying we have more to show you. this happening next thursday in san jose. the hint is we're talking about a smaller ipad. really more than a hint, news of a smaller ipad has been leaking out of apple for a long time. amazon has had success with the tablets and apple wants a piece of the business. not to be outdone, microsoft showing off the surface tablet. this will go on sale on friday, october 26th. it is $499 or about the same price as the full-sized apple ipad. apple shares are up 2% on the latest announcement about the announcement. jon. >> scott, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> another huge story
from tainted steroids may be just the idsinning. now dr. jon lapook reports other drugs could be contaminated. and bob orr with the notes noesident kennedy wrote when the world faced nuclear war 50 years ago. captioning sponsored by cbs ng n this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. gor us today the most compelling story in the world involves a 14-year-old girl fighting for igr life. she held up a light against the darkness of ignorance and now millions around the world are watching to see if she will die her her cause. malala yousafzai was taken today to a british hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the head. a week ago in pakistan, a taliban gunman climbed aboard her school bus to assassinate her because of her long campaign to open schools to more girls in mat country. we have two reports tonight. elizabeth palmer went to malala's hometown in pakistan. but we're going to begin with charlie d'agata in birmingham, england. charlie? >> reporter: doctors here are ast beginning to examine malala, scott, but they said ehis afternoon there
. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. always great to have everybody, i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. a public memorial is being held today for a u.s. ambassador and bay area native killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. christopher stevens was killed, also killed a computer expert and two ex-navy s.e.a.l.s. bob redell joins us live in san francisco where thousands of expected to turn out for today's memorial for stevens. he also has new details on the investigation into that attack. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the family of ambassador christopher stevens has invited the family to attend the memorial service. it will take place around 4:30 this afternoon in san francisco city hall in the rotunda. several hundred people are expected to attend. stevens was from the bay area, having lived in piedmont, graduated from cal and the uc hastings law school before entering the foreign service, eventually becoming the u.s. ambassador to libya. his brother and sister are supposed to speak at today's service. also in at
by comedy central ( theme song playing ) >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. oh, we got a nice one for you tonight! ben affleck, director, actor, writer ben affleck will be joining us with a great new movie "argo." but first. ladies and gentlemen -- (laughter) with just four weeks to go to election day the insurmountable, unblowable lead the that president barack obama enjoyed post-convention -- (laughter) -- has been mounted and moan by mitt romney. (laughter) (laughter) no? (chrs
by 2%. jon fortt is in silicon valley and he's on the invite list and the big question is a mini ipad coming, jon? >> yeah, that's exactly what i'm expecting. a couple of key questions with this announcement. what other surprises might apple have. and, two, how much should a mini ipad cost. first there have been rumors for a little more than a month that apple is about to update the imac line with new designs and maybe another laptop with a high resolution receitina display. timing makes sense because apple whether be trying to steal thunder from microsoft windows 8 launch. on the ipad mini itself, we're basically expect an 8 $200 and . this has the ability to shake up the market. consider analysts say every five tab lets that sell cannibalize two pc sales. this is apple saying we think we figured out how to sell more tablets and own this market. >> jon fortt, thank you so much. we have a big rally on our hands. the dow at the high of the day. up 124 points. almost a full percent. we are now less than 600 points from a new all-time high. transports confirming that. we're up better
. also pulitzer prize winning historian jon meacham. we have three weeks to go until election day. and tonight, obviously, is the big debate. it's going to be a town hall-style debate. and some new polls are out. let's take a look at, again, we've got a shift possibly in the electoral map. this morning, a new "usa today" gallup poll shows growing momentum for mitt romney in the key battleground states, including ohio, florida, and virginia. the poll has romney pulling ahead by four points among likely voters. 50% to 46%. this is obviously a big shift. it's only one poll. but perhaps the bigger take away from this poll and some others is how the candidates are ranking among likely woman voters in those battleground states. we've heard an awful lot about the gender gap since the primary season, but among likely female voters in swing states, mitt romney's pulling almost even with the president. 48% to 49%, among male voters in the swing states, romney has an eight-point lead over the president. mark, let's start with you. you're reporting right now that senior democratic officials a
." >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. new this morning, firefighters racing to put out flames pouring out of a restaurant supply store on the peninsula. this one happened at county restaurant supply on old county road and cherry street in san carlos. the fire broke out about 12:30 this morning. witnesses say very heavy smoke was coming out of the building and the crews there were able to get the flames under control in less than two hours. we can also tell you that firefighters are still there on scene monitoring that building for any hot spots. >>> a court hearing in washington, d.c., could have major impact on the medical marijuana business here in the bay area. the u.s. court of appeals is hearing arguments today on how the federal government classifies the drug. christie smith joins us live in oakland with more. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. i just got off the phone with a representative from harborside medical center. they're all in line waiting to get into this hearing
check about taxpayer dollars and how congress spends them. tonight, abc's jon karl brings us an exclusive first look at a report, which shows 100 ways in which congress is still wasting nearly $18 billion in taxpayer money. jon has our washington watchdog tonight. >> reporter: chances are when you think "nonprofit," you don't think the national football league. after all, the nfl pulled in more than $9 billion last year, but the league calls itself a nonprofit organization and avoids paying some $40 million in taxes every year. >> we have some of the biggest corporations in america paying no taxes whatsoever. you know something is wrong with the code. >> reporter: the nfl loophole is just one of the examples in senator tom coburn's new "wastebook 2012 report" on government waste. there's the $325,000 squirrel robot. it looks so real, it can fool a rattlesnake. the million dollar martian menu. no plans for a manned mission to mars, but nasa is spending nearly a million dollars a year researching the kind of food to eat there. and the lake murray airport in oklahoma, just one f
. first, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon and laura. welcome back, jon. we've got a really good-looking day shaping up. temperatures are going to feel like summertime even in the city today where you're starting at 61 degrees. 58 in sunnyvale and 55 in san jose. today you might actually have to use your ac in parts of the bay area and we continue to climb in temperature all the way through thursday, so lots to talk about when it comes to your forecast. still have showers on that seven-day as well. stay tuned for that. 4:31. let's look at your morning drive with mike. >> a little easier to see the morning drive this morning. here's the san jose camera which was fogged in for much of yesterday's show but right now it's looking really clear th northbound 101 at 680. i do have two accidents to point out. north ten 1 101 at hellier and 85 approaching 237, an accident there has been on the shoulder for a while. sounds like paperwork but no slowing there either. back to you. >>> new this morning a memorial service being held in san
for the giants. >> tim: i think blanco went for the safe play. watch jon jay put the glove up as though he were going to make the catch. blanco did not have a good read. that frees him right there and could only go to third. >> joe: so the bases are loaded with theriot, the right-handed hitter, coming up. rzepczysnki is in the bullpen. right at the top of the hour here in san francisco, a beautiful night, 62 degrees. that's us, joe, tim, kenny and erin at&t park. and this crowd has been loud all night. theriot's second at-bat since taking over for the injured scutaro. good breaking ball for strike 1. on deck, the switch-hitting sandoval with rzepczysnki in the bullpen. here's the 0-1. strike 2. guillermo mota will join romo if this inning gets out of hand. theriot trying to add to it. the 0-2 pitch. breaking ball fouled back. game three, a late afternoon game in st. louis on wednesday. giants trying to even the series. great work tonight from ryan vogelsong, their starter. a breaking ball. fouled away. >> tim: theriot fighting off some good pitches from shelby miller. >> joe: the cardinals are
not proposed cutting contrary to what jon said. and meaning they would follow eligible children to any district or charter school or enable them to enroll in a tutoring program or take courses on line. this step would do three things immediately. first, it would render irrelevant a host of existing regulations on the use of title one funds in particular that burden school district in various ways and constrain innovation and make their lives more difficult and drive up administrative costs. secondly it would put the federal government behind principles that public education funding should be used to empower students, not to empower sluggish and change resistant bureaucracy. and if you eliminate a practical obstacle to creating waited student funding systems with a lot of people are trying to do at the state and local level in that obstacle is the lack of affordability of federal funds, the grants that would be available under affordability program proposals are relatively small. this is not something that would immediately generate large vouchers for all of 4 kids in america. it would accomplis
have opened hunting season. if you saw bill o'reilly's debate with jon stewart a week or so ago you saw big bill repeatedly trying to use me as theostechild for the feral deficit. >>> we have a president here who believes in social justice, alright. he wants to take your money, my money, the money of the one percent. and he wants to give it -- >> he even came armed with a flash card. >> -- bill moyers. there he is. bill gets it. here's what's ridiculous -- >> i wish i had a poster. >> -- $16 trillion debt and we got to pay for bill moyers? let him compete on his own!" >> nice work, o'reilly. and thanks for the attention. but if you had grown up watching sesame street, you'd know your alphet by now.nd you would know npr is not pbs. i'm on television, just like you. well, not exactly like you. you reside in an alternate reality, where the truth is as elusive as a moonbeam and facts as alien as little green men with bug eyes. your flash card even had it wrong. npr doesn't pay me. i don't work for national public radio, never have. this weekly series is on public television stations but we
to get something done. >> retired supreme court justice jon paul stevens talked monday of the second amendment and gun laws. the third longest serving justice was the author of the 2006 and 2008 dissent on the cases before the court. his remarks at the center to prevent gun violence are in our >> the mass shooting a movie theater just outside of denver colorado in aurora a gunman acting alone in the opening fire. >> [inaudible] just two weeks after the shooting in our rot colorado a gunman opened fire. >> -- aurora colorado a gunman opened fire. >> they called police about a suspicious person and he had been shot in the chest. >> a lot of people can relate to our situation and it breaks their heart just like it breaks mind. at the popular cafe minutes later four people were fatally shot and another wounded as the gun man stands alone he's holding what appears to be a gun. we are going to take you now to chicago where the past weekend at least 52 people were shot, eight of them killed. >> 8-year-old shot selling candy outside her home. >> far from downtown attractions in a weekend of
, dominant. pete kozma, you can't hit what you can't see. go have a seat. later, jon jay grounds out to end the seventh. vogelsong, seven innings pitched, four hits, earned run and four strikeouts. giants win 7-1. >> all nine innings vogelsong really, really, you know, just incredible outing for you. and, you know, that sets the tone. you know, great at-bats up and down. pagan, blanco, belt. feels like everyone got involved. >> it's a great team win. this has kind of been the style of our play all season long. you know, we're going to -- we're not necessarily known for the long ball or having explosive innings but get hits together and can put up the big innings. today was a good example of everybody trying to pitch in, everybody trying to do their part. >> so the series is tied at one game a piece. game three is wednesday. the giants will send matt cain to the hill against chico native kyle lohse. first pitch is at 1:00. hey, raj and jessica, we'll be right back after the break. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just p
and cannot do. and abc's jon karl has pored over the 21 pages. >> reporter: rock stars make all kinds of demands when they perform. van halen wants no brown m&ms in the dressing room. mariah carey insists on custom toilet paper, white roses and vanilla aromatherapy candles. obama and romney have demands, too -- all in a 21-page agreement. tonight, identical director's chairs and foot rests and they must stay in their predesignated area. no wandering around the stage like john mccain or charging your opponent like al gore did to george bush. and like football, lots of koij tosses which determines who gets the first question. past candidates had demands too. al gore worried about sweating. wanted the room 55 degrees and michael dukakis who is quite a bit shorter an the elder george bush negotiated a little boost hidden beneath the carpet behind the podium. take a look at that again. as dukakis goes back behind the podium, he also gets up onto something the debate commission called the "pitcher's mound." and suddenly he's just about as tall as george bush. the obama/romney agreement says
they were tortured by former chicago police commander jon burge. lawyers representing the men say their clients are still in prison. after giving false confessions at the hands of burge and his men more than 20- years ago. burge is currently behind bars after being convicted of lying about the torture of suspects. the lawsuit seeks to give new hearings to all of burge's alleged victims who were convicted as a result of the phony confessions. cook county assessor joe berrios says he'll ignore a subpoena by the county's inspector general. berrios is being ordered to explain an illegal property tax break given to one of his employees. but he's refusing to hand over the paperwork that allowed the employee to get that benefit. berrios is already fighting the county ethics board, which recently ordered him to fire his son and daughter because their hiring violated county law. berrios insists the law doesn't apply to him. this is the first strike since the formation of district 112. more than 400 teachers are on the picket lines in highland park and highwood. both sides remain far apart
, as you may know, excuse me, i did a raucous debate with jon stewart in washington, d.c. and half the money stewart and i generated was designated for charity. now i'm going to change that i'm giving all the money i get from charity so here is the factor tip of the day because my book killing kennedy is number one everyone and killing lincoln still on the list after 55 weeks things are going well for me. when you do well, you should give back, it's a karma thing. so i'm giving more doe to charity and we have listed some of those on bill o' again, when you win in this life, give back. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site which is different from bill o' if you came in late, talking points memo i assessed the vice presidential key bait because i wasn't here on friday. miss laura did a great job but you might want to hear what i think about it if you doened a you missed it, you can access it there. also, we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at, n
to meet with 10 other people, but he has time for the "the view," jon stewart, david letterman, pimp with a limp gets an interview. everybody gets an interview. i'm thinking, you know, so where's the president? he has a job. i know he wants the job for four more year, but doesn't he have to do the job he currently has first? >> indeed, one would think if you're running for election, to try to get another four years, you would try to behave in a way that didn't suggest that the administration was somewhat over their heads in this whole thing. >> sean: their priorities are screwed up, and the president doesn't seem engaged, not even in his re-election, if you look at his last debate. mr. second quarter, always a pleasure, sure. thank you for being with us. >> sean, good to be with you. >> >> sean: coming up, mitt romney is surge nothing the state of ohio. we have the polls to show it's very much in his favor. and paul ryan gets a music video tribute. we'll speak with not the obama girl, but the paul ryan girl. >> ♪ i want to get physical with security ♪ spiriva helps control my cop
is going to be debate style. both mardy and jon are going to make opening remarks and we are then going to open up to a series of topics. i will pose questions and they will respond and be free to question one another and respond to one another. and we will proceed through the series of issues for the duration. the d date is being live tweeted if you choose to join the conversation please use the hash tag #edudebate. speaking first for the camp is marty west of the school for the kitchen deputy director of the harvard kennedy school program on education policy and governments and an executive editor of education next. mardy kuhl edited the book from school housed courthouse. the judiciary role in the education. he's also published widely in academic journals and media outlets and she joins us today as the chair of romney's que 12 education policy group. speaking second for the obama camp is jon schnur, the executive chairman of executive chiefs. during the clinton administration he served as president clinton's white house assistant director for education policy, senior policy adviser o
, i did a debate with jon stewart in washington, d.c. half of the money generated was designated for chair tismt now, i'm going to change that. i'm giving all of the money i get to chair tismt because the book killing kennedy is number one everywhere, things goring well for me. and when you do well, you should give back. so karma thing. so i'm giving more dough to charity. we've listed some of those on again when you win in this life, give back. factor tip of the day. and tonight check out fox news factor web site which is different from i assess vice presidential debate because i wasn't here on friday. laura did a great job. you might want to hear what i think about it f do you and missed it you can access it there. also we'd like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at fox name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be... parsimonious in your comments to us z you guys watching overseas how is the american election playing where you are? i get mail from australia saying australian press
, and jon stewart at the beacon theater for a good cause. it's stewart's annual night of too many stars benefit to support programs for autistic children and teens. >> to show how much these two believe in the cause, bill o'reilly and chris matthews are going to debate the crucial issues of today, and they're going to do it while inhaling helium. so let's see how that goes. it's helium time! >> here are the rules, neither participant shall be permitted to speak without first filling their lungs with helium. >> are you with us? >> no. >> our annual deficits are now -- you might want a little more. $1 trillion a year. the president says it's time to raise taxes on the rich. >> i think matthews might be hollow. >> governor romney said that would inhibit job creation. >> comedy central advises us we'll get another clip later this week where i do speak under the influence of helium. anyway, think the chipmunks. you do not want to miss that. "night of too many stars" airs on comedy central. >>> up next, which mitt romney will show up on the stage, the severely conservative mitt we've seen in
, will join akin on the campaign trail today before branching out on their own. "the daily show's" jon stewart still getting a couple chuckles from the vice presidential debate and that's no malarkey. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of malarkey. >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of milalarkemalarkey. that's such a weird combination of gangster and old-timy irish colloquialism, like good fellas meets "the quiet man." hey, now, with all due respect, that's a bunch of milalarkemala. >> that wraps up things for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 eastern joining the show tomorrow, journalist carole simpson who moderated a town hall style debate in 1992, first one, megan mccain, ron reagan win join us and "washington post" glen kessler fact checking with tonight's debatep. "now" with alex wagner is next. alex, no malarkey, right? >> all malarkey. on this hour. richard, it is halftime in america at the debates as president obama hopes for an act two rebound, governor romney hopes to build on the big mo. will the delayed 47% strategy work and what can we expect from mitt unplugg
secretary of state jon husted to restrict voting in his states. now voters will be allowed to vote early, three days before the election. it's a devastating blow to husted who's been trying to block early voting in his state, all in a national effort to suppress democratic votes in this election and blocking early voting is especially agee yoegr. 2008, 93,000 ohioans voted in early voting. today's ruling in ohio adds to the gop losing streak. republicans trying to block the vote have lost in the courts in states ranging from texas and florida to wisconsin and pennsylvania. this is a huge victory for all americans. in essence, the supreme court ruled today against gop officials who wanted less voting, not more in this election. there are now 26 states and the district of columbia that allow early in-person voting. remember, voting is a right not a privilege.
:26. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. a memorial service being held today in san francisco for chris stevens. he is the u.s. ambassador to libya who died during a violent terrorist attack just last month. stevens grou up in the east bay and graduated from uc berkeley and uc hastings college of the law in san francisco. he died september 11th when a terrorist group attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. today's memorial service will be held in the rotunda of the san francisco city hall. that will start at 4:30 this afternoon. several state and national dignitaries will be attending, including thomas pickering, a former ambassador, chosen by hillary clinton to review security arrangements in libya. now, some political experts say this is a strategic move by the obama administration, since pickering is conducting the v , investigation, he will not be able to comment on the issue. we'll have continuing coverage as well as a live stream on our website, that service is set to start this afternoon at 4:30. >>> right now let's get a look at your tuesday forecast and
will be home soon, britney. keep them vitles hot. hi, i'm jon secada. did you knknow that chronic hepatitis c affects approximimately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 years my father never said how sick he was getting. he stayed silent, never talked over the options with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be siting him at home, instead of here. if you still think there's strength in silence, talk to your doctor about your options and learn momore at tune in to hep c dot com. >>> this morning on "world news now" -- ready for a rematch. the presidential candidates face off tonight in their second debate. >> this time, audience members at the town hall-style event will get to ask the questions. it is tuesday, october 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> i love that new voice. >> me too. >> this is "world news now." a cross between sexy and constipated. it's good. >> you can relate. let's do the whole show in the voice. >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. we are going to get a preview of round two of
and bill murray. the dry asides, the weirdness factor. >> that's a really good one. >> i like that. >> jon stewart, stephen colbert always great as a pair. love to see them together. >> i didn't give a lot of thought to this, but my first thought was al and natalie. >> wow. >> wow. >> that was my first thought. >> stretch. >> eddie murphy, chris rock and robin williams. >> you went for three. >> i like that. >> the dream trio. >> take three. >> okay. take three what, dads would do for their daughters, and al knows as proud dad of two girls, and here's a great little clip of some video of what dads are doing going to "the little mermaid" which every dad loves ♪ up where they walk up where they stay all day in the sun ♪ ♪ out of the sea ♪ wish i could be part of that world ♪ >> even al knows that song. >> i do, i do. my oldest girl, courtney, we would sing "a friend like me" from "aladdin, "can the constantly. ♪ have a friend like me >> you got into a little razzle-dazzle. >> soft shoe on that. the thing i love best about that, sort of this placido domingo style rendition. >> kee
into a deer or something, it's not good. jon: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" with megyn kelly starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. in the presidential polls just hours ahead of a critical debate. welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly reporting live from hempstead, new york or that is the side of the presidential debate tonight. it all happens less than eight hours from right now. the crew two presidential candidates will face off in the second of their three debates. tonight's meeting will be in a town hall format. this comes showing the governor romney is surging. in swing states, republican nominee mitt romney is virtually tied now with president obama, 48% to 49%, according to than usa today gallup poll. the good news is for the president in the non-battleground states, but this latest development in the swing states is highly significant. because the president, overwhelmingly won the nobel back in 2008 and critical states like ohio, it is what put him over the top or it already, team obama is slamming the gallup poll results. saying that the usa today resul
is doing. actor report their ad buys. but they cannot actually talk and collaborate in that fashion. >> jon stewart and stephen colbert -- >> when they sit there and pretend to talk to their lawyer -- i would say that as a violation of the law. there are two other players worth mentioning. minor players. what is a super pac is opposed to a plain old pac. a good old fashioned pac can take only limited contributions, you are limited to how much money can give. it can do independent expenditures or give its money directly to candidate campaigns. that is what a pac is. and a final player is a generic 527. a super pac is a form of five to seven. a generic 527 -- we go back to 2004, the group spends money on the issue adds, sounding like political ads. the reason i mention this, it groups were not defined as 501(c)4 , it is not like in necessarily would have to go out of business, they would just because 527's. >> i think we officially lost the majority of the audience. i am serious about it. i do think this is the conundrum that we face. a year all serious. people do not come out and a manhattan
. jon, do you feel like, you know, the election and these promises being made put us in the hole, as gene said, or do you feel like they're illuminating some of the ways that people in congress and whoever has the white house next could compromise? >> i think the winners will see as a clear mandate for exactly what they campaigned on. i've never been convinced that a person who's voting once for president, once for a house member and potentially two or three times for senators is able to articulate a clear vision of his or her vision for levels of tax, levels of spending, future growth rates, etc. but the winners will certainly divine out of the results the vision they want. this campaign, i think, has been -- like all campaigns -- some ideas with a whole lot of negative campaigning by both sides. so whether, you know, how voters then are really casting their votes and what they're voting for, to me, is kind of a mystery. >> yeah. what about this end? do you feel like people will take away certain things from the election on the hill and in the administration? >> you know, i tend
at the studio are republican jeff flake and democrat richard carmona. they are both hoping to replace jon kyl, who is retiring after 18 years in the senate. our debate is more of an open discussion. no time answers. joining us is andrea kelly. thanks for coming in. >> we will start with health care. generally, republicans are in favor of repealing it. democrats are in favor of tweaking it. this has been an issue that has paralyzed congress. if you are elected, will there be any progress on this issue? >> when you are talking about repealing its, you are talking about repealing the president's health-care law. we should do that. we have got to reform health care. we need to do it in ways we can deliver health care more efficiently. the president's health-care law is not that. we have got to do toure reform, force insurance companies to compete across state lines, giving individuals the same pre- tax benefits. we have got to make it easier for individuals to assess health care options like a medical savings account. the president's health care law has made that more difficult. >> will there be
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